The work stages

Here are the highlights from the progress of the project

La realizzazione della Grotta di Lourdes

The construction of the Lourdes Cave



May 28

Cooperation between the Cittadella and the ITG-ITI High School of Vibo Valentia

Theoretical-practical lessons in agriculture, ecology, botany and environmental chemistry have begun as part of the school-work agreement with the ITG-ITI High School of Vibo Valentia. Four young people who have …


May 15

Blessing of the First Marble Block for the Lourdes Grotto

On Good Friday, 15th April 2022, at 07:30 the first eight blocks that will form the base platform of the Lourdes Grotto arrived in the Citadella di Padre Pio. At …


April 15

Let there be light!

The house is completed and its lights illuminate the night of Drapia! From the beginning of the new year it will be possible to welcome the first little guests.


August 29

Seeding time for the Agricultural Society “I Discepoli di Padre Pio”

Thanks to a generous donation an almond grove was planted, consisting of 60 trees of the precious variety "Pizzuta di Avola".Also this year the seeding of ancient wheat varieties was …


March 23

One Step at a Time: The Front Staircase of Casa Accoglienza

The construction works are rapidly moving forward in the Cittadella di Padre Pio to complete Casa Accoglienza in the shortest possible time. It is imminent the completion of the front …


January 27

Establishment of the agricultural society at the service of the Citadel

At the end of the year, the limited farming company "I discepoli di Padre Pio - Società a responsabilità limitata" was established to cultivate the lands belonging to the association …


December 02

Benedizione statua Madonna

Blessing of the statue of Our Lady of Tears

In the presence of several authorities in the area and of the Dean of the Church of Our Lady of Tears in Siracusa, Don Aurelio Russo, and many worshippers, with …


October 17

Avanzamento Lavori 1 giugno 2020

First threshing of the ancient Scorzonera wheat variety

At the end of June, about 15 days earlier than usual, we harvested the first wheat planted in the lands of the Cittadella.About four hectares of an ancient variety of …


June 01


The Cittadella must go on

The first building is up, but the participation of local organisations, mayors and entrepreneurs is necessary to complete the project. The scientific team, led by Ms Marcella Marletta, and the …


October 05


Roof of the first centre

Irene Gaeta with the association I Discepoli di Padre Pio takes part in the Mass, celebrated by His Excellency Mons. Luigi Renzo, bishop of the dioceses of Mileto, Nicotera and …


July 07


Preparation of the last floor

Today, construction work on “Our Lady of the Tears”, the facility for accommodating and treating child patients after hospitalisation, has reached the last floor. This means the roof can be …


May 01


Creation and supply of Trani white limestone

Today, the building is being prepared for the construction of the concrete above-ground structures.The ground floor, which will house the medical reception, the entrance to the accommodation area and the …


January 01


Laying the foundations of the Casa Accoglienza

On the morning of 7 November 2018, despite the disastrous national weather conditions, in Drapia, the worksite of the “Padre Pio of Pietrelcina” Cittadella for paediatric cancer treatment is currently …


November 07

Aggiornamento lavori

The worksite is up and running

Pictures of the work on the construction of the “Our Lady of the Tears” centre..After laying the first stone on 28 May 2018, work has never stopped. Thanks to the …


October 01

Posa della prima pietra

Laying the first stone

On 28 May 2018 at 6 pm, the first stone of the “Our Lady of the Tears” centre was laid in Drapia.The event took place in a day full of emotions …


May 28

Rilascio del permesso di costruire

Planning permission issued

On 6 February 2018 the first major milestone in the creation of the Cittadella di Padre Pio was reached. The municipality of Drapia issued to Irene Gaeta, the association chairperson, permission to build …


February 26

Conferenza stampa a Vibo Valentia

Press conference presenting the Cittadella di Padre Pio project

On 12 December 2017, the project for the Cittadella di Padre Pio was presented to the press, media and local institutions.The conference was held in Vibo Valentia, at the “Complesso del Valentianum”, …


December 12

Approval of the first building

In April 2017 the Board of Governors approved the project for the “Casa Accoglienza” drafted by architect Luciano Messina, the first building to be erected among the many planned as …


April 17


Purchase of land in Drapia

The Land in Calabria indicated by Padre Pio was bought in March 2008 and settled in February e 2018, with a mortgage of approximately 2 million euro, fully paid up …


March 20

Avanzamento Lavori 2004

Padre Pio gives his message to Irene Gaeta

Padre Pio appears to Irene and asks her, with an authoritative tone, to build a children’s hospital, a research centre and a home for the suffering.“In December 2004, as I …


January 01